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Steps and Health Benefits of the Dolphin Pose

The dolphin pose is effectively used in the yoga practise to strengthen the mind body and soul while achieving stability along with flexibility. Here are some reasons why you should practice the dolphin pose.

Begin this pose by getting down on your hands and knees. Lower your elbows beneath the shoulders with the fold of your wrist on the floor and your fingers facing forward. When your weight is equally distributed on the forearms, tuck your toes while lifting your knees from the floor and your hips and belly raised towards the ceiling. Let your neck and head relax freely from your shoulders. Hold this position for 30 seconds or at least 5-10 breaths then bend the knees to release and take a child pose or table pose.

Another way to perform this pose is by doing the downward facing dog position. Place your hands on the mat such that you weight is distributed on both hands and come up the ground while lowering your forearms towards the floor and keep your shoulders over the elbows. Therefore, as you will be lifting up, you will be creating enough space for your head.

One of the main physical benefits of the dolphin pose is to open up your shoulders, upper back as well as the armpits. It stretches the spine and shoulders and strengthens the arms, legs and the hip area. It builds the upper body strength, tones the back muscles and ensure stability. It is considered a great boy workout because it engages muscles like the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, serratus anterior, quadriceps and intrinsic foot.

This pose also helps strengthen your core muscles which are greatly used to achieve stability. When doing the movements, this muscles is actively engaged just like in other abdominal exercises. Hence, along with building body strength and flexibility, you will also be creating six packs.

Another crucial benefit of the dolphin pose is stimulating your nervous system and ensure mental stability. This is because it ensures a rich supply of blood to the brain. It will help calm the mind, relieve fatigues, headache, depression, while improving your memory. Its other therapeutic applications include, relieving menstrual pain, reduce signs of menopause, improve ingestion, help in asthma, high blood pressure and flat foot. Similarly, it will improve your spirit and enable you to spread joy to others and have a deeper connection with yourself.

An important tip when performing the dolphin pose is to ensure that you press you wrist to the floor to help open your shoulders. You should also walk you feet to the elbows as this will help build strength to your arms and shoulders.

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